Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a meeting with my friends in the offices at Emerald Downs the other day (side note-they have lots of peppermints at the front desk, but they are woefully lacking in sweet feed. I’ll bring up the matter with them at my next campaign rally).

While I was there I mentioned how I wanted to show my appreciation for the fillies in my shedrow, so they made me a couple Valentine’s Day cards. Aren’t they perfect? Feel free to pass along to any cute fillies you meet (make sure you mention my undefeated stakes victories!).


They made me two options!


Another reason I stopped in at the office was to pick up my stack of posters. I think they look great! Check them out below!


The original poster


I’m the STABLE candidate!


Me, me, me!


Alfalfa & sweet feed for all!


Rising Star…Stables III & Howard Belvoir!